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Effortlessly Manage Workflows and Collaboration with Seamlessly Connect, Track, and Collaborate from Anywhere!

Stay connected and organized with Our platform streamlines team collaboration, tracks task progress, and facilitates seamless communication, whether in the office or remote. With a focus on employee well-being, promotes freedom and flexibility in work. Say goodbye to scattered information - consolidates all team-related data in one accessible place. Experience efficient work management anytime, anywhere with just a click!

Solutions we are offering

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Applicant Tracking System

Our Applicant Tracking System streamlines your hiring process, making it effortless to post job openings, track applicants, and make informed hiring decisions.

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HRMS HRMS simplifies HR tasks, from employee onboarding to payroll management, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and support for your workforce.

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PM Tools

Our Project Management Tools help you plan, execute, and track projects efficiently. Collaborate, set milestones, and keep projects on track with ease.

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CRM CRM is designed to manage customer interactions, enhance engagement, and boost sales. Track leads, manage contacts, and provide excellent customer service.

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Payroll Management

Simplify your payroll processes with Payroll Management. Calculate, process, and track employee salaries and taxes, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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Social Wall

Foster internal communication and collaboration with our Internal Social Media Platform. Connect your team, share updates, and enhance workplace engagement.

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Visitors Management

Front Desk Management streamlines visitor registration, appointments, and visitor information, ensuring a smooth and professional front desk experience.

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Asset Management

Effortlessly track and manage your organization's assets, from equipment to technology, with our Asset Management System. Enhance asset utilization and reduce costs.

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Hardware Support System

Our Hardware Support System ensures your IT infrastructure is running smoothly. Track support requests, manage hardware issues, and receive prompt assistance.

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Time Tracking Tool

Manage time effectively with our Time Tracking Tool. Track work hours, projects, and tasks, improving productivity and time management.

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Anonymous Feedback

Encourage open and honest communication within your organization with Anonymous Feedback. Gather feedback, address concerns.

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Accounting System

Kivo Accounting simplifies financial management, from bookkeeping to advanced reporting, making informed financial decisions more accessible.

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Kivo Calendar

A go-to tool for seamless time management. Streamlining schedule, appointments, and events with mobile accessibility and intuitive features, ensuring you stay organized and efficient.

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Leaves & Holidays

Tailored to organization's unique needs, streamlines time-off requests, accrual tracking, and comprehensive reporting. Say goodbye to leave-related hassles and ensure compliance.

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Admin HelpDesk

Simplify administrative task management with a Kanban-based system. Effortlessly organize and track your administrative tasks, assign responsibilities, and enhance efficiency.

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Kivo LMS

Empower education and training with a user-friendly interface and advanced analytics. Create, deliver, and track courses effortlessly, fostering engagement and collaboration for individuals.

All in one management tool

Helps in Work From Home promotes freedom and flexibility in work. Say goodbye to scattered information - consolidates all team-related data in one accessible place.

Know your employees inside out

Have handy details of each employee on just a click. enables you to contain details of each and every employee of your organization.

Ease of assesment

Have your employees' immediate work progress at your fingertips. With collective progress at eventide, employees send "Work Reports" to the managers for a progress assessment. App: A talent-focused enterprise app for managing people, processes, and employee experience (EX).

With our ESS, employees can have greater autonomy and convenience in managing their work-related tasks and information, reducing the administrative burden on HR departments.

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