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Visitors Management

Effortless and Secure Visitors Management System for Modern Spaces

Streamline visitor check-ins with our advanced Visitors Management Software. Enhance security by capturing visitor information and generating instant badges. Improve visitor experience with efficient pre-registration and notifications.

Seamless Entry, Enhanced Security.


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What we Offer?

A Visitors Management System is a software solution designed to efficiently and securely manage the process of admitting visitors to a physical location, such as an office building, facility, or campus. It automates and streamlines the check-in process,
ensuring a smooth and organized experience for both visitors and the host organization

Enhanced Security

kivo.ai Accurately identifies and tracks visitors, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Provides visible identification with printed badges.

Visitor Pre-Registration

Visitors can pre-register their visits online, providing details such as name, contact information, company, purpose of visit, and expected date/time.

Efficient Check-In Process

Streamlines the visitor check-in process, reducing long queues and wait times. Pre-registration options allow visitors to provide information in advance.

Improved Visitor Experience

Creates a positive first impression with a modern and efficient check-in process. Host notifications ensure visitors receive a warm welcome and a well-prepared meeting environment.

Visitor Insights

Provides data on visitor patterns and trends, helping organizations make informed decisions. Collects visitor feedback and surveys to gather insights.

Real-Time Monitoring

Provides real-time visibility into who is on-site, their purpose of visit, and their location. Enables efficient management of visitor traffic and resources.

Effortless Check-Ins

Streamline visitor check-ins with our intuitive self-service kiosks. Visitors can register, check in, and print badges within seconds. Experience the transformation of visitors management with our Visitors Software's effortless check-in feature. Say goodbye to long queues and time-consuming processes as visitors breeze through a streamlined check-in procedure. With user-friendly interfaces and intuitive self-service options, guests can swiftly register, provide necessary information, and receive their badges or passes within moments.

Host Notifications

kivo.aiEnsure a warm welcome. Our software instantly alerts hosts when their visitors arrive, enhancing guest experiences. Elevate your visitors management experience with our Visitors Management Software's host notifications feature. Seamlessly bridge the gap between visitors and hosts by enabling instant notifications when guests check in. Hosts receive timely alerts through various communication channels, ensuring they are promptly informed of their guests' arrival.

Real-Time Monitoring

kivo.ai Gain real-time visibility into who's on-site. Efficiently manage visitor traffic and resources with ease. Experience the power of real-time monitoring with our Visitors Management Software. Gain a comprehensive overview of visitor traffic and visitors management activities, all at your fingertips. With intuitive dashboards and instant updates, you can monitor check-ins, check-outs, visitor wait times, and more in real time.


Enhanced Security
Protect your premises by accurately identifying and tracking visitors, minimizing security risks.

Efficient Operations
Streamline visitor check-in, reduce wait times, and optimize resource allocation.

Positive Impressions
Deliver a modern, seamless check-in experience that reflects your organization's professionalism.

Compliance & Safety
Ensure health and safety compliance with health screenings and robust data protection.

LInsights & Analytics
Access data-driven insights on visitor traffic, patterns, and peak times for better decision-making.

Why Choose our Visitors Management System ?

Choose our Visitors Management Software for seamless visitors management, efficient check-in/check-out processes, and a modern, welcoming experience that elevates your visitors management operations. Experience the next level of visitor engagement and administrative efficiency.

Innovation Leaders

With 10 years of industry experience, we're at the forefront of visitors management technology.

Tailored Excellence

Our Visitors Management Software adapts to your needs, ensuring a smooth integration.

User-Centric Design

Enjoy a user-friendly interface that minimizes learning curves and maximizes efficiency.

Dedicated Support

Count on our dedicated support team to assist you at every stage.

Data Privacy

We prioritize the security of visitor data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 What facets of the company kivo.ai .ai covers ?.

kivo.ai .ai covers all the facets present in your company and allows you to track their work and progress. Any department or team that’s a part of your organization is a part of kivo.ai .ai.

Q. 2 Who is meant for using kivo.ai.ai ?

kivo.ai.ai offers a platform to simplify and smoothen operations of your entire organization or business. If your business involves employee management and company asset management then kivo.ai.ai is for you.

Q. 3 Is kivo.ai.ai offered in different modules ?

kivo.ai.ai is collectively a single platform that offers tools for team management, in-office social media platform and a chat platform.

Q. 4 What are the tools offered for project management in kivo.ai.ai ?

kivo.ai.ai offers sprint planning, project tracking, individual tracker and milestone planning to monitor the overall progress of the development of the project. You can assign and prioritize tasks and task lists and associate it with milestones.

Q. 5 Can i change the owners of an assigned task in kivo.ai.ai?

Yes you can. If the user has the privileges he/she can change modify the owners of task until its completed.