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Welcome to Kivo LMS, your dedicated partner in education and training. We've designed Kivo LMS to empower seamless learning and training management, making it effortless for educators, trainers, and learners. Say goodbye to educational complexities and embrace a more efficient way to facilitate learning and skill development.

Effortless Learning Management.


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What we Offer?

Kivo LMS is a comprehensive Learning Management System tailored to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, businesses, and training organizations. Our user-friendly interface simplifies course creation, learning content distribution, and assessment while fostering an engaging and interactive learning environment.

Effortless Course Creation

Create and customize courses with ease, tailoring them to your educational or training objectives.

Seamless Content Delivery

Distribute learning materials, videos, quizzes, and assignments, providing learners with a well-structured and interactive learning experience.

User-Friendly Interface

Our intuitive platform ensures both educators and learners can navigate and use the system with minimal effort.

Mobile Learning

Access Kivo LMS on-the-go with mobile compatibility, enabling learners to engage with their courses wherever they are.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into learner progress and course effectiveness with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Dedicated Support

Our responsive support team is here to assist with any inquiries, customization, and technical support, ensuring your experience with Kivo LMS is smooth and efficient.

User Management

User management is at the core of any LMS. This feature enables administrators to create, manage, and organize user profiles within the system. User roles can be assigned, granting different access levels and permissions. This is vital for distinguishing between administrators, instructors, and learners, each with their specific privileges.

Course Creation and Content Management

The ability to create and manage courses is fundamental to an LMS. It allows for the development of structured learning content, including modules, lessons, assessments, and multimedia resources. Users can upload various content types, such as documents, videos, SCORM packages, and more. Version control ensures content remains current.

Course Delivery and Progress Tracking

LMS platforms provide a dynamic learning environment. Learners can access course materials, engage in activities, and track their progress. The system monitors and records their progress, marking module completions, assessment scores, and time spent on various activities. This data is valuable for assessing learner engagement and understanding.

Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics provide insights into the effectiveness of courses and the performance of learners. Detailed reports track user activity, course completion rates, assessment scores, and more. This data informs decisions related to content improvement, learner support, and overall course efficacy.


Streamline course management and learner engagement, saving time and resources for more focused instruction.

Create interactive learning experiences that keep learners motivated and participating.

With Kivo LMS, learning is available anywhere, anytime, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Gain valuable data-driven insights to improve course effectiveness and learner outcomes.

Count on our responsive support team for assistance, ensuring a seamless learning experience with Kivo LMS.

Why choose us ?

At Kivo, we understand that selecting the right Learning Management System (LMS) is a critical decision for your organization. Your choice can significantly impact your employees' and learners' educational experiences and the overall success of your training programs. Here's why our LMS application stands out and why you should choose us.


Kivo LMS is designed for educators and learners, with a user-friendly interface that minimizes the learning curve.


Whether you have a small class or a large organization, Kivo LMS scales effortlessly to meet your learning management needs.


Our competitive pricing ensures that you get a high-quality LMS within your budget.


Tailor the application to your specific educational or training needs, ensuring it aligns with your unique objectives.


By streamlining learning management, Kivo LMS allows you to focus on what matters most: delivering effective education and training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 What facets of the company kivo.ai covers ?.

kivo.ai covers all the facets present in your company and allows you to track their work and progress. Any department or team that’s a part of your organization is a part of kivo.ai.

Q. 2 Who is meant for using kivo.ai?

kivo.ai offers a platform to simplify and smoothen operations of your entire organization or business. If your business involves employee management and company asset management then kivo.ai is for you.

Q. 3 Is kivo.ai offered in different modules ?

kivo.ai is collectively a single platform that offers tools for team management, in-office social media platform and a chat platform.

Q. 4 What are the tools offered for project management in kivo.ai ?

kivo.ai offers sprint planning, project tracking, individual tracker and milestone planning to monitor the overall progress of the development of the project. You can assign and prioritize tasks and task lists and associate it with milestones.

Q. 5 Can i change the owners of an assigned task in kivo.ai?

Yes you can. If the user has the privileges he/she can change modify the owners of task until its completed.