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Optimize Assets, Elevate Efficiency: Introducing Our Advanced Asset Management System Software

Efficiently track and manage your valuable assets with our cutting-edge Asset Management System Software. Streamline asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal, ensuring optimal utilization. Gain real-time insights into asset performance, maintenance, and depreciation. Elevate asset management, reduce costs, and enhance operational efficiency.

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What we Offer?

Our Asset Management System Software is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations effectively track, manage, and optimize their assets throughout their entire lifecycle. These assets can include physical items such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, furniture, and technology, as well as intangible assets like software licenses and contracts.

Asset Tracking

Maintain a centralized repository of all assets, including detailed information such as serial numbers, acquisition dates, and ownership.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage assets from acquisition to disposal, tracking every stage including procurement, deployment, maintenance, and retirement.

Barcode/QR Code Scanning

Use barcode or QR code scanning to quickly identify and update asset information, streamlining data entry and updates.

Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking

Schedule and automate preventive and corrective maintenance tasks to extend asset lifespan and reduce downtime.

Reservations and Checkouts

Enable users to reserve and check out assets, ensuring availability and preventing conflicts.

User-Friendly Interface

Provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy adoption and efficient asset management.

Holistic Asset Tracking

From acquisition to retirement, our Asset Management System provides a comprehensive view of your assets, ensuring precise tracking and control. Unlike traditional tracking methods that focus solely on location and basic information, holistic asset tracking goes beyond, providing a 360-degree view of assets from procurement to disposal. It encompasses not only physical whereabouts but also includes data on utilization, maintenance history, depreciation, and performance analytics.

Maintenance Excellence

Efficiently schedule, track, and manage maintenance tasks to extend asset lifespan, minimize downtime, and boost operational efficiency. The Maintenance Excellence of our Advanced Tracking System (ATS) sets new standards in ensuring the peak performance and longevity of your assets. Through a combination of state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices, our ATS not only tracks assets but also maintains them at their optimal levels.

Depreciation Management

Gain accurate insights into asset depreciation, aiding financial planning and regulatory compliance with confidence. Our software streamlines the complex process of tracking and calculating asset depreciation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Through intuitive interfaces and automation, users can effortlessly manage depreciation schedules, factor in various depreciation methods, and generate insightful reports for financial analysis.

Customizable Dashboards

Visualize asset performance, usage, and maintenance data through customizable dashboards and reports. Our Asset Management Software features a highly customizable dashboard that empowers users to tailor their experience to match their unique preferences and objectives. With drag-and-drop widgets, real-time data visualization, and personalized layouts, our software ensures that each user can create a dashboard that aligns perfectly with their specific needs.


Enhanced Visibility
Maintain real-time visibility into your asset inventory, locations, and status.

Optimized Utilization
Analyze usage patterns to make informed decisions on resource allocation and optimization.

Compliance Assurance
Stay compliant with industry regulations and internal policies throughout the asset lifecycle.

Cost Savings
Minimize maintenance costs, reduce asset downtime, and make informed procurement decisions.

Data-Driven Decisions
Leverage insights from comprehensive reports to drive strategic asset management decisions..

Why Choose Our Asset management system?

Choose our Asset Management Software for streamlined control over assets, optimal maintenance, and data-driven insights driving your business's success.

Proven Expertise

With 10+ years of experience, we're leaders in asset management technology.

Tailored Solutions

Our Asset Management System adapts to your workflows and industry requirements.

User-Centric Design

Navigate effortlessly through our intuitive interface, minimizing learning curves.

Supportive Partnership

Our dedicated support team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Security Priority

We prioritize data security, ensuring your asset information is safeguarded at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1 What facets of the company kivo.ai covers ?.

kivo.ai covers all the facets present in your company and allows you to track their work and progress. Any department or team that’s a part of your organization is a part of kivo.ai

Q. 2 Who is meant for using kivo.ai ?

kivo.ai offers a platform to simplify and smoothen operations of your entire organization or business. If your business involves employee management and company asset management then kivo.aiis for you.

Q. 3 Is kivo.ai offered in different modules ?

kivo.ai is collectively a single platform that offers tools for team management, in-office social media platform and a chat platform.

Q. 4 What are the tools offered for project management in kivo.ai ?

kivo.ai offers sprint planning, project tracking, individual tracker and milestone planning to monitor the overall progress of the development of the project. You can assign and prioritize tasks and task lists and associate it with milestones.

Q. 5 Can i change the owners of an assigned task in kivo.ai?

Yes you can. If the user has the privileges he/she can change modify the owners of task until its completed.